Once you have mastered the basics, (it’s all about practice), to really improve, feedback and guidance on your technique ‘pays dividends’.

This set of short courses are designed to do just that. (The range will be extended to meet demand, so if you feel that you would benefit from some assistance in a particular area, please ask and I will provide something appropriate).

IMP- GC1 ‘Exploring glass cutting’

Basic glass cutting – straight lines and curves get you a long way – however, accuracy and the ability to repeat an action properly are very important.

Also, when dealing with complex cutting, life can get very frustrating and/or expensive. (Perhaps you were actually using the last available sheet of a particular glass sheet when a piece broke badly – and new supplies can take some time to arrive in the UK).

There are also some tools for special purposes that can make a big difference – find out what you have been missing.

This short course goes through all the essentials and examines proven ways to deal with some of the awkward things that crop up.

IMP- SO1 ‘ The art of stained glass soldering’

Soldering, like most things, requires a lot of practice to be really good at it – nice flowing raised beads without ‘lumps and bumps’  for example – and once again, some well-timed feedback and guidance is ‘worth its weight in gold’.

Techniques are also different when dealing with lead and copper foil work, (also non-lead based solders) and then there is the question of choice of soldering and the creation of decorative effects.

So, give yourself an opportunity to ‘move up a notch’ and achieve professional results more quickly, by coming on this short course.

Both courses are 1/2 day each and available separately for £55 per person/course.

(Please note that for 1/2 day courses, refreshments only are available).

The next IMP courses currently available:   

Spring 2018  at £55 per person/course

(Dates to be arranged)

(AM) IMP-GC1   ;   (PM) IMP-SO1

Please contact me for information and booking (Click here)