Having mastered the basics and produced some interesting work, maybe it’s time to move on to new pastures.

There are exciting creative possibilities associated with some advanced techniques and this course is the opportunity to become better acquainted with them.

The course is very much a ‘hands-on’ workshop, spread over 2 days and it explores:

  • Plating – the technique of using multi layering of different coloured glass for creative impact (e.g. ‘shadow’ effects)
  • Building/preparing panels for incorporating into sealed double glazed units
  • Using alternative cames to build 3D objects
  • Incorporating copper foil work within leaded panels to render the sections weatherproof
  • Re-inforcing options – how to ensure that your hard work is not likely to be requiring significant repair in the years to come (or indeed is unsafe).

(If there are other topics that you would like to cover kindly advise and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements).

The next course currently available:   

Spring 2018,  ( to be arranged)

at £210 per person including materials light lunches and refreshments.

Please contact me for information and booking (click here)